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Nozzle night NN-03
  • Nozzle night NN-03

Nozzle night NN-03

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

The nozzle night NN-03 is intended for installation before optical telescopic sights for work in the conditions of natural night illumination.

The nozzle is recommended for application with the sights having increase from 1 to 6, at the same time is most effective at increase from 2,5 to 4.

Installation of a nozzle before a sight does not bring an error in adjustment of a sight.

Fastening of a nozzle on lenses of sights is carried out by means of collars with inserts.

In a set of a nozzle it is included directing for installation of the IK-lighter.

Technical datas:

Visible increase, krat: 1

Angular visual field, ugl. hail., not less: 12

Focusing range of a lens, m: from 10 to ∞

Supply voltage, In: 3

Leading dimensions, mm, no more: 150х80х72

Weight, kg, no more: 0,64

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 23.04.2019
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